Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has concluded talks on forming Hungary’s next cabinet, the PM’s press chief said.

Orbán structured the new government and chose its ministers with a view to resolving the challenges facing the country, the PM’s press chief, Bertalan Havasi, said.

Orbán earlier said: “A decade of dangers is on our doorstep,” Havasi noted, adding that the war in Ukraine has driven prices up across Europe and looks like triggering a serious energy crisis. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has not fully disappeared, he said.

The following people have been appointed to the position of Minister: 

  • Zsolt Semjén will continue as Deputy Prime Minister and will take on the role of minister responsible for policies for Hungarian communities abroad and policies for national minorities and church relations as well as church diplomacy.
  • István Nagy will stay on as minister of agriculture
  • Sándor Pintér will also stay on as interior minister
  • János Lázár will oversee a new ministry, that of construction and investment.
  • Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky will take over the defence ministry.
  • Judit Varga will continue to lead the justice ministry.
  • János Csák will lead a new cultural and innovation ministry.
  • Péter Szijjártó is staying on as minister of foreign affairs and trade, and Antal Rogan will continue as head of the cabinet office.
  • Gergely Gulyás will carry on heading the prime minister’s office, while Mihaly Varga will continue to lead the finance ministry.
  • László Palkovics will head the ministry of technology and industry, while former deputy central bank governor Marton Nagy will take on the mantle of minister for economic development.
  • Former European commissioner Tibor Navracsics will lead a new ministry for regional development and the utilization of EU funds.